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Riff Raff / Seasonal Blend - NET



Brownie / Oatmeal Cookie / Banana Split


San Isidro / Guatemala
Osmio Reyes / Honduras

Riff Raff, our Spring seasonal blend, was designed to highlight the comforting rich flavors of classic sweet treats you grew up with. We crafted this offering to have an approachable foundation with just a sparkle of fruitiness dancing over the top. The San Isidro / Guatemala provides a base note of rich chocolate and slightly roasted walnut. Our Osmin Reyes / Honduras brings an oatmeal cookie sweetness with some overtones of tropical fruit. Together these coffees evoke memories of walnut fudge brownies, Grandma's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and banana split sundaes. That touch of strawberry syrup and crushed pineapple is a perfect reflection of the warmer days headed our way.

This blend was crafted to be a drink-throughout-the-day type of coffee. It has a richness that will hold up to heavier breakfast items. Additionally, the balanced sweetness allows it to go well with pastries and dessert. We see this as a "crowed pleaser" in the best sense of the term.

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5 Pound Bag : $56.25     10 Ounce Bag : $8.75 / $16.00 MSRP

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