Pantan Musara / Sumatra

Pantan Musara / Sumatra

Grapefruit / Melon / Aztec Cocoa
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Pantan Musara is full of tropical fruit flavors, primarily featuring mango and melon notes. There is a citrus overtone that reminds us of lime zest and grapefruit, and a chili spice note with a sweetness that is reminiscent of Aztec Cocoa. This coffee is very clean and complex, and also works wonderfully as an espresso. It is the perfect coffee to drink throughout the week, with enough range to be enjoyable time after time. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Grapefruit / Melon / Aztec Cocoa
Producers:  Several Small Producers
Region: Pantan Musara, Pegasing, Takengon, Aceh
Varieties: Gayo 1, Gayo 2, P88, Catimor, Abyssinia
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1550 meters

Coffee Bio

This coffee comes from a small mill supporting several coffee producers in the Pantan Musara villages, located in the Pegasing district of Takengon, part of Sumatra’s coffee-famous Aceh region. A few years ago, this area was decimated by a natural disaster, dislocating many of these farmers from their homes and lands. They have since returned and have begun rebuilding their farms and lives with a renewed focus on coffee. 

The most unique marker of this mill is that it produces both washed and cherry-dried coffees, in contrast to the exclusive use of wet-hulled processing in the vast majority of Sumatran mills. In order to be accepted for the washed processing, farmers must deliver fresh, perfectly ripe cherries. After de-pulping, the mill ferments the coffee for 36 hours, before washing it four times to ensure a clean and vibrant cup. The coffee is allowed to slowly dry for up 14 days in drying houses or raised beds before being prepared for export. 

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