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Otilio Leiva / Honduras - NET



Melon / Lemon Thyme / Hibiscus Tea


Otilio Leiva


Los Andes, Santa Barbara






1550-1575 meters

Otilio Leiva, one of our annual staff favorites, returns to us once again. This arrival is made all the more special by the fact that we were able to spend a day visiting him and his farm this harvest season. He has been producing coffee for thirty-five years but transitioned to specialty driven practices just three years ago. Our relationship him began on our first Honduran trip where we purchased his entire lot (just three exportable bags). Three years later, he is now producing over thirty bags in the same harvest period. He shares a washing station and a pair of solar driers with his wife who operates her own farms on neighboring plots. Together they have five sons, six daughters, and thirty grandchildren. The entire farm staff is comprised of these family members who live on site. In this last visit we were able to hike through Otilio’s land while he shared his vision for the future of his farms. Along with Benjamin Paz, who manages single producer relationships for the San Vicente mill, we developed a plan of improvements for the farm which immediately improved the cup, allowing us to pay Otilio an addition premium of over ten percent.

Otilio Leiva calls to mind tropical notes of pomegrante, hibiscus blossom and mango. There is a piney herbal overtone that leads into the long, lingering finish. This coffee is known for its stonefruit characteristics, which continue to improve each year. It is the perfect coffee to sip as you celebrate the successes of those who mean the most to you.

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