Otilio Leiva / Honduras 2014

Otilio Leiva / Honduras 2014

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Sage, Plum, Chardonnay


Otilio Leiva


Los Andes, Santa Barbara






1550-1575 meters

Otilio Leiva’s late harvest micro lot represents growth and dedication. On our first trip to Honduras we tasted over 50 offerings, and Otilio stood out as a top selection. We were surprised to learn, that after years of working together, this harvest was the first year Beneficio San Vicente chose to isolate Otilio’s coffee as a single-producer lot based on his improved cup quality. In his first year, he was able to produce only 3 bags of specialty grade and was one of our favorites. This past year, he was able to increase his specialty grade production by over 5 times, including his first late harvest micro lot.  Due to climate change, the coffee harvest season in Honduras has recently expanded into two distinct cycles. Many of the best coffees are coming from this later round of pickings, but are generally smaller and a larger investment for producers and mills to separate. Each harvest we have received from Otilio has shown marked improvement and we are proud to be able to support his growth. It is an honor be able to feature this great coffee once again.

Otilio Leiva starts off with deep herbal tones of dried sage before sweetening into notes of ripe apricot, plum, and a subtle tropical fruit tone of papaya. As it cools the cup develops a lingering white wine finish that reminds us of California Chardonnays. This coffee always impresses us with its complexity rich sweetness. It is the perfect coffee for to bring comfort to the cool rainy mornings we face this time of year.

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