Osmin Reyes / Honduras - IR 2016

Osmin Reyes / Honduras - IR 2016

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Peach Pie / Watermelon / Root Beer


Osmin Reyes


El Cedral, Santa Barbara


Bourbon, Typica, Pacas & Catimor




1800 meters

Our relationship with Osmin Reyes began with a bit of seredipity. Two years ago, we were just about to leave Otilio Lieva’s house when Osmin stopped by with a first pickings sample from his new farm - the highest above the village of El Cedral. The families that surround El Cedral have a deep reputation of producing some of the best coffees in Honduras, and have the Cup of Excellence success to back that up. When an opporunity arises to work with a producer with such potential you have to jump on it. We were able to cup the coffee in the morning before heading to the airport and even though it was only a picture of the early potential, we knew we were on to something special. This year we chose to mix both of Osmin's farms as the higher elevation showed better acidity and the lower expressed more sweetness and body. We found the two combined offered a better cup than each being isolated.

Osmin Reyes’s coffee is beautifully tropical with notes of watermelon and stone fruit taking the forefront. As the cup cools sweet spices come forward that remind us of Biscoff ginger cookies and old fashioned Root Beer. This coffee is very lively and dynamic, matching our excitement to see where this relationship will go in the years to come. It is the perfect coffee for the brighter, warmer days we begin to see this time of year.

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