Ndaroini / Kenya - Reserve Series

Ndaroini / Kenya - Reserve Series

Marmalade / Currant / Chocolate Liqueur
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Naroini is full of complex fruit flavors, including currants, orange, guava, melon, and apple with a boozy, rich chocolate sweetness underneath. While this coffee is really juicy, the mouthfeel is incredibly rich and silky. This coffee has an amazing range of sweet, bright, smooth, and spicy flavors. It is the perfect coffee for just about any occasion.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: 
Marmalade / Currant / Chocolate Liqueur
1,400 smallholder members
Ndaroini, Nyeri
SL28 & SL34
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1800 meters

Coffee Bio

Ndaroini, meaning “a place of rest” in Swahili, was established by Geoffrey Mugetha and Muthoni Maathai in 1984 and has since become one of the most celebrated washing stations in Nyeri County. In 2019, one of our importing partners, Trabocca’s founder, Menno, traveled to Ndaroini and agreed to pay Ksh 100 per kilogram for the entire crop, compared to the Kenyan average of 60 before deductions; making the 1400 members of the group the highest paid coffee growers in Kenya. The increase in pay enabled them to increase membership by 200 new members, keep Coffee Berry Disease nearly at bay and increase their annual production by over 50%.

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