Old Las Nubes / El Salvador

Old Las Nubes / El Salvador

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Mandarin, English Toffee, Piña Colada


Batlle Family


Buenos Aires, Santa Ana






1450-1500 meters

Las Nubes was purchased by Isidro Batlle in the 1920’s and still remains in the family. Batlle had a preference for high elevation farms, and his family’s careful attentiveness to farm practices have built a great legacy for these properties. While this region of El Salvador is known for old growth Bourbon trees, some still producing fruit after 80 years, we choose to bring in something a little more rare. Our buying team cupped through offerings at the Batlle family mill Rio Zorco last harvest, and fell in love with a varietal cultivated decades ago from seeds smuggled in from Kenya. This varietal predates the SL varietals that Kenya now primarily produces. However, generations later, these smuggled seeds carry the vibrant clarity we come to expect in African coffee.

Isidro clearly had a fascination with Eastern Africa. He named many of his farms after famous landmarks including Finca Kilimanjaro. Nearly one hundred years later we are proud to be part of continuing in Isidro’s dream. This coffee comes to us from seeds stolen out of Africa, and grown on a farm in El Salvador literally “in the clouds.”

Las Nubes starts with juicy notes of mandarin orange structured by richer elements of almond, toffee, and milk chocolate. Sweet coconut and maraschino cherries carries through the cup reminding us of a classic piña colada. This coffee is definitely a crowd pleaser. It is the perfect coffee to serve on a back patio brunch.

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