Las Nubes / El Salvador

Las Nubes / El Salvador

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Honey, Almond Paste, Gin Rickey


Batlle Family


Buenos Aries, Santa Ana




Washed with Post-Fermentation Soak


1450–1500 meters

Finca Las Nubes was a standout experience for our traveling team this past winter. This farm has been in the Batlle family since the 1920’s when it was purchased by Isdro for its exceptionally high altitude. This specific lot is comprised exclusively of a varietal brought to El Salvador from Kenya decades ago. This also has been processed in the Kenyan style, with a post-fermentation soaking period. This produces a crisper, cleaner profile and snappier acidity.

Las Nubes’ profile is dominated by a sweet, lime acidity with a foundation of wild honey and almond paste. This coffee has a surprisingly rich mouthfeel for how sweet and bright it tastes, with tons of complexity as it cools. Spend a relaxing summer morning on the back patio with this exceptional coffee.

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