Las Moritas / Guatemala - "Reserve Series"

Las Moritas / Guatemala - "Reserve Series"

Mango Nectar / Dark Chocolate / Macadamia Nut

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Meet Don Jose Higinio Gómez and his wife Aura Libia de Jesús Gómez Garcia, the producers at Las Moritas. They purchased their first plot of land in 1988. Smaller than one hectare, it was all they needed to plant their first bourbon varietals. Over the years, they slowly purchased more parcels of land and grew their farm with the community. Las Moritas is now 70 hectares of land spreading over the mountainous, silty clay. 56 hectares are devoted to many types of coffee varietals. The rest of the land cultivates corn, beans, tomatoes, and peaches.

In addition to creating a thriving coffee farming community, Don Higinio and Dona Aura have given new meaning to fair employment and community building. They staff 20 to 25 year-round farmers, and during the harvest season, they bring in over 110 pickers! For many of these workers, the harvest employment helps get them through the year. They have even established a school in which 96% of the children in the community can attend.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Mango Nectar / Dark Chocolate / Macadamia Nut
Farm Name: Don Jose Higinio Gómez & Aura Libia de Jesús Gómez Garcia
Region: Sierras de Las Minas
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Red Honey

Coffee Bio

We are proud to present Guatemala Las Moritas as our newest reserve coffee! It is a tropical stunner, guaranteed to get you thinking of patio lounging and tiki sipping. The red honey process creates a complex tasting experience akin to tropical fruit salad. Opening with aromatics of vanilla blossom, it quickly folds into flavors of sweet dark chocolate. The cup then bows towards tropical flavors of pineapple juice, syrupy mango nectar, dried papaya, and red grape—always with controlled acidity. It ends with notes of sweetened coconut flakes and creamy macadamia nuts. We hope you love this coffee as much as we do and that it creates a sense of optimism for the warmer days to come. Cheers!