Las Lajas / Costa Rica
Las Lajas / Costa Rica

Las Lajas / Costa Rica

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Honeycrisp, Raisin, Rum


Oscar & Francisca Chacon


Sababilla de Alajuela




Fully-Washed, Screen & Patio Dried


1380 meters

Las Lajas, located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, is an exceptional, detail-driven organic operation. Over the past two harvest years, we at Spyhouse have ben able to have 3 staff members visit their beautiful processing facility and farms. This year as we drove up we we able to catch Francisca, owner of Las Lajas, personally breaking up the clusters of their yellow honey-processed coffee; moments like these show us how intimately involved these quality-driven producers must be.

Las Lajas' flavor profiles starts out with a punch of honeycrisp apple rounding out into notes of dried fruit and the sweetness of dark rum. This is coffee is very fruit forward without being in your face. It is the perfect coffee for reflecting on a job well done.

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