Juan Peña / Ecuador - "Washed" Imperial Reserve

Juan Peña / Ecuador - "Washed" Imperial Reserve

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White Grape / Lilac / Ginger Ale


La Papaya


Saraguro, Southern Ecuador




Mechanically Washed


2100 meters

story and his coffee are like none other. Juan’s coffee story began just six years ago in an area virtually devoid of coffee trees. His family’s hacienda had been producing long-stemmed roses for years, when a massive off-season rainstorm destroyed the plants, causing him to replant the property with Typica, one of the two original cultivated coffee varieties. Applying unique practices he developed in his years producing ornamental flowers, Juan individually fertilizes each plant through a complicated irrigation system, causing plants to act as if they are always in peak production. This strain creates an incredibly dynamic and complex cup, unlike any other coffee in the world.

We’ve been working with Juan since his first harvest four years ago and have visited the Hacienda twice. The last time we were invited to work alongside Café Imports to consult on processes to further improve Juan’s already amazing coffee. This is the first year we are seeing the results of those experiments and are incredibly excited to be offering them to you.

Juan Peña’s washed lot starts off with floral and citric aromatics that reminds us of lilac blossoms supported by a clean sweetness and syrupy body that calls to mind ginger ale and wine. There is a beautiful fruity tannic property to the cup that is reminiscent of white grapes and dried cranberries. This coffee is unlike any other, and is an experience you must treat yourself to. It is the perfect coffee to remind us of how much more we can accomplish working together.

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