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Juan Peña / Ecuador - Imperial Reserve - NET



Currant, Rose, Mango Lassi


La Papaya


Saraguro, Southern Ecuador




Mechanically Washed


2100 meters

Juan Peña is a very rare example of a completely unique coffee producer. His story and his coffee are like none other. Rather than continueing in a multi-generation path to coffee farming, Juan’s story with coffee began just a five years ago in an area where coffee trees have never exsisted before. His family’s hacienda had been producing long-stemed roses for years, but a massive off-season rainstorm destoryed all the plants, causing him to replant the property with Typica, one of the two oringonal cultivated coffee varieties. Applying unique practices he developed in his years producing ornamental flowers, Juan indvidually fertilizes each plant through a complicated irigation system. This system causes the plants to act as if they are always peak production. The strain on his plants, from constantly being in production, creates an incredibly dynamic and comlex cup, unlike any other coffee in the world. In only five years, Juan has already produced three full harvests. We were able to visit his farm durring the most recent harvest and have been able to purchase his top lot for each of his three production cycles.

Juan Peña starts off with juicy berry notes of raspberry and dark currants and floral overtones. The flavors contiune to develop into sweet tropical fruit and spices with a creamy tartness that reminds us of mango lassi. This coffee is unlike any other and is an experience you must treat yourself to. It is the perfect coffee to remind ourselves that sometimes starting over can lead to beautiful things.

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