Juan Peña / Ecuador "Cherry-Dried" - Imperial Reserve

Juan Peña / Ecuador "Cherry-Dried" - Imperial Reserve

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Juan Peña's "Cherry-Dried" lot sings with upfront flavors of fresh wild strawberries, turning into a soft sweetness of ripe banana and honeyed almond butter. The cup continues to develop more complexity, picking up notes of lilac and limeade. This coffee is an annual favorite of our team and we think this year's harvest is one of the best expressions we have seen. It is the perfect coffee to show the power of productive long-term relationships.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Strawberry / Lilac / Limeade
Farm:  La Papaya
Region: Saraguro
Varietal Typica
Process: Cherry-Dried
Elevation:  2100 meters

Coffee Bio

Juan Peña has quickly risen to become one of the most sought after coffee producers on the market today and we at Spyhouse have worked with him since his very first harvest. Personally we have used his coffee multiple times on the national competition stage, including our Director of Coffee's sequential first and second place National Roaster Championship finishes. Following our winning year we were invited to return to the farm a second time with Café Imports to work along side Juan in researching the best two processing methods for his coffee. This year is the first we are able to see the full outcome of that research. This year the first and third place US Barista Champions each used one of those processes in their final round.

The story of La Papaya is incredibly new. We have only seen full harvests in the past four years. Juan's extensive background in ornamental roses has allowed him to transfer his horticultural background to coffee production. Through individual drippers at each root base, Juan is able to carefully control all of his farm inputs and monitor the effects of each small change upon his trees. His coffee has been an annual favorite of ours and we are honored to share this coffee again with you.

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