Juan Peña / Ecuador - Cherry Dried Lot

Juan Peña / Ecuador - Cherry Dried Lot #7

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Juan Peña’s Cherry-Dried Lot 7 starts off with notes of fresh, wild strawberry and vibrant citrus, supported by a buttery caramel sweetness. As the flavors continue to develop, a creaminess comes forward transforming the bright lemon into lemon meringue pie and adding chocolate tones to the caramel. This coffee is very clean and vibrant. It is the perfect coffee to enjoy while sitting on your cabin’s back porch on a sunny morning.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Strawberry / English Toffee / Lemon Meringue
Farm:  Hacienda La Papaya
Region: San Lorenzo, Saraguro
Variety: Typica
Process: Cherry-Dried
Elevation:  2100 meters

Coffee Bio

Juan Peña’s processing methods, as all aspects of his farm,
have been meticulously refined through repeated and detailed experimentation. From the moment his seeds begin to sprout, he applies his own innovative touches to just about every element you can imagine. In the past, the most intriguing innovation was his forced irrigation method, which caused hyper-maturation and rapid production. However, this year it is his processing methods that are most special to us. After our Director of Coffee, Tony, won the 2016 US Roaster Championship with one of Juan’s mechanically-washed lots, we were invited to return to the farm and help refine the post-harvest practices. We were joined by Piero of Café Imports and together we ran eight total processing experiments, with careful note-taking to determine the two ideal methods for La Papaya.

This selection is from Lot 7, an area at the top of the farm with the youngest trees. We have found this portion of the farm to be the best performing, year after year. The fruit was processed in the cherry-dried or natural method that we developed together.

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