Ixhuatlán / Mexico
Ixhuatlán / Mexico

Ixhuatlán / Mexico

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Dark Chocolate / Walnut / Lemoncello


Grupo De Productores Ixhuatlán


Ixhuatlán del Café, Veracruz


Bourbon, Garnica, Caturra, Typica




1200 meters

Ixhuatlán is the product of three amazing producers, operating four great farms in an area not commonly known for producing exceptional coffee. These farms were selected to come together to represent their community in Cafe Imports' "Lo Mejor de Mexico" competition to highlight the increasing quality of Mexican coffee. Much of these improvements are due to the years of work Cafe Imports has been investing into the future of this region. This specific lot placed 3rd in that competition, earning the members a much higher price for their product. With the aid of resting time as it traveled to the US, this coffee's cup quality was significantly improved beyond its initial excellence at source. This is the coffee our barista team chose to represent Spyhouse in the Big Central Regional Barista Competition, primarily for its vibrant fruit tones with an approachable nut foundation. We have found this coffee to be exceptional, both as espresso and brewed offerings.

Ixhuatlán has a deep foundation of chocolate and walnut with bright citrus overtones and a sweetness reminiscent of date sugars and tamarind candy. This coffee shows the power of great individuals coming together to create a great coffee, with a harmonious balance reflective of its story. It is the perfect coffee to represent a sum greater than its parts.

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