Ignacio Gutierrez / El Salvador

Ignacio Gutierrez / El Salvador

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Hazelnut, Maple Taffy, Orange Dream


Finca San Nicholas


San Ignacio, Chalatenango






1400 meters

Don Ignacio Gutierrez has been El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence Champion in 2011, 2013, and 2015. Finca San Nicholas was his Championship farm for the 2013 win with a Honey Pacamara lot. The family transitioned to coffee production in 2005 after a long history of growing wood trees and tomatoes. Ignacio's first two farms, Los Positos and La Roxinita, were planted with just 500 trees in sandy loam soil. Finca San Nicholas was just a brownfield lot used for grazing cattle until they decided to begin cultivating coffee on that portion of their proprety. Each year’s CoE winnings have been invested into improving and expanding the farms, and their continued success has proven the Guiterrez’s dedication to producing beautiful coffees.

Ignacio selectively harvests and processes by varietal separation. This lot is entirely Paca, an heirloom derivative of Bourbon. After harvest, the coffee is depulped at the farm and given 15 to 18 days to slowly dry in mucilage before removing the parchment and sorting.

Ignacio Gutierrez’s Honey Pacas from Finca San Nicholas is very smooth with notes of toasted hazelnut and maple saltwater taffy, finishing with a creamy orange brightness. This coffee brings memories of summer vacation sweets. It is the perfect coffee for these midsummer days.

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