Ignacio Gutierrez / El Salvador

Ignacio Gutierrez / El Salvador

Wild Raspberry - Honeysuckle - Turtle Cheesecake
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This special micro-lot from Ignacio Gutierrez is full of red fruit flavors, including fresh strawberries, rich cherries, tart cranberries, and wild raspberries. As it cools, the cup develops a syrupy floral honey tone calling to mind honeysuckle nectar. It finishes with a lingering creaminess with notes of caramel and cocoa powder that reminds us of turtle cheesecake. This is the perfect coffee to pair with a richer dessert, adding just the right amount of wildness. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Wild Raspberry / Honeysuckle / Turtle Cheesecake
Farm Name:  La Roxanita
Region: San  Ignacio, Chalatenango 
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Honey
Elevation:  1500 meters

Coffee Bio

Ignacio Gutierrez is one of the most award-winning coffee producers in the world with three first-place Cup of Excellence wins in five years. We have been featuring his coffees for the past five years. His reputation for repeated excellence is what drew us to begin this relationship. On the three farms he currently operates, Ignacio predominantly grows heirloom varieties and specializes in honey-processed Pacamaras. Each year we taste unique expressions that reflect the environmental changes of each harvest. Honey-processing can often cover these nuances, yet Ignacio manages to use it to draw out the vibrant nature of his exceptionally cared-for and inherently dynamic Pacamaras. 

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