Gisheke / Rwanda – Reserve Series
Gisheke / Rwanda – Reserve Series

Gisheke / Rwanda – Reserve Series

Peach / Cherry / Malted Milk

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This natural coffee from Rwanda continues our suite of East African coffees provided by Higa Coffee Co. Kenny Ntwali and his team work tirelessly to bring us some of the best coffees available in Rwanda. This time, his partnership with the Gisheke Washing station brings us an expertly-processed natural coffee from the Nyamasheke region in Western Rwanda. Tucked between two large sloping hills, the Gisheke Washing station sits next to Lake Kivu. The gentle winds from the lake pass through the valley between these two hills and over the coffees on Gisheke’s raised beds, making it the perfect place for producing natural coffees such as this one.

However, the resulting quality is not only a product of Gisheke’s prime location. It is also a result of the diligence and experimentation the Gisheke team has undertaken since the mill’s renovation in 2018. They now expertly produce some of the best washed, honey, and natural coffees coming out of Rwanda today.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Peach / Cherry / Malted Milk
Gisheke Washing Station
Region: Nyamasheke
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

The combination of location and expertise provides a beautiful, well-rounded coffee, resulting in two experiences. The first experience is what we expect from a naturally processed coffee: notes of cherry, stone fruit, tart acidity. The second experience is a rich, malty, and chocolatey finish. The two sides of this coffee complement each other in a well-rounded experience. Perfect for those seeking a coffee that is complex yet approachable.