Gisheke / Rwanda

Gisheke / Rwanda

Hazelnut / Pear / Gingerbread

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We are happy to share our second offering from our friends at Higa Coffee, Rwanda Gisheke. Kenny Ntwali is a friend of ours from Rwanda. Kenny is also a U of MN graduate. He spends most of his time in Rwanda with coffee farmers, sourcing some of the best coffee in the country. Kenny has assembled a small team and has created a coffee exporting company based in Rwanda called Higa Coffee. Higa’s mission is to work toward higher incomes for Rwandan coffee producers and make relationships between roasters and producers.

In Rwanda, coffee is more than just a crop. For the people who produce it, coffee represents resilience and growth for their nation. When Rwanda gained independence from Belgium in the 1960s, coffee was despised, since it represented oppression. Despite this, Rwandans began to take agency over their coffee production, changing its bitter past into something more vibrant and hopeful.

Coffee has now become a major boon for Rwanda and its economy. Rwandan farmers have shifted away from the more commercial production of coffee and have focused heavily on producing high-quality specialty coffee. This has both elevated the coffee and the livelihoods and dignity of the producers. Rwandans now believe that working in coffee means that they can live a good life.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Hazelnut / Pear / Gingerbread
Farm Name: Gisheke Washing Station
Region: Nyamasheke
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

Although Rwanda is small, producing only 0.2% of the global coffee supply, it consistently produces high-quality coffees with unique characteristics. Coffee from the northern provinces of Rwanda typically has bright and floral characteristics, while more deeply sweet and candy flavors can be found in the Southern and Western provinces. Enjoy!