Tropical Fruit / Ganache / Baking Spice

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Gemini: the twins that dance in the early-summer night sky, beckoning a promise of warm, sunny days ahead. Plunging towards the darker days of winter, we bring you a moment of warm hope and a reminder that dark days always roll into bright mornings.

Inspired by the twins, Gemini is a 50/50 duo-blend coffee. This blend began as a limited-time offering, but we became so affectionately attached that we couldn’t bear to see it vanish. It is rare for Spyhouse to introduce a new blend since we primarily focus on highlighting exceptionally special coffees and producers from distinct origins and regions. Our team will work to keep Gemini as fresh, vibrant, and consistent as possible as different growing regions move into their harvest seasons. As we rotate coffees into the blend, you’ll notice a gentle shift in the flavor; never dramatic and always pulling on the same heartstrings.

As we thoughtfully worked to formulate and source for this new dynamic blend, it became apparent that this formula allowed us to explore a most exciting and dynamic flavor contrast. Each component presents a gap that the other seems ready to fill harmoniously. This unique roast taps into a complex and structured cup. Roasted just enough to integrate both components, we preserve all the juicy, high-toned acidity and floral notes while balancing the cup with a depth of sweetness, body, and spice. You may taste melon, stone fruit, bright floral honey, pear, and candied citrus. Or you may discover flavors of buttery fried pastry, caramel, creamy chocolate, toasted nuts, and warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. We couldn’t be more excited to share the new Gemini blend with you, and we hope you will follow us on this journey.