Fiseha Genet / Ethiopia

Fiseha Genet / Ethiopia

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Lemongrass, Wild Honey, Berry Oolong


Multiple Small Producers


Kochere, Gedio






1800-2200 meters

Fiseha Genet was selected in country for its exceptional representation of the best elements that have made washed coffee from Southern Ethiopia so sought after. Returning customers may remember this offering from the past two harvests, which we released under the name Borena. Additional transparency within the country has allowed us to trace this coffee to a single village in the Kochere woreda, just five miles south of Yirga Cheffe in the Gedio zone. This area is a very small region surrounded on three sides by the Borena zone, with Sidamo to the north. Samuel at Keffa Coffee sourced this lot in country and payed the female sorters at the mill three times the average wage to spend three times the average amount of time sorting this coffee, removing all defective beans. This careful sorting, along with the nutrient rich soil the region is known for, produces a cup that is exceptionally clean and dynamic.

Fiseha Genet starts off with notes of lemongrass and wild honey developing into a sweet, tannic finish with lingering notes of fresh red berries and caramelly oolong tea. This coffee is a great representation of the classics. It is the perfect coffee to sip on while spinning your favorite records.

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