Finca Monteblanco / Colombia – Natural

Finca Monteblanco / Colombia – Natural

Acai / Black Forest Cake / Dark Beer

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Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia knows a thing or two about quality coffee, and this stunning offering is an excellent example of his dedication and passion. Rodrigo manages Finca Monteblanco, a family-owned farm located in the Huila department of Colombia. As he invested further in the art and culture of producing coffee, Rodrigo began familiarizing himself with connections between farming techniques and their effects on the cup. The result is evident, as Monteblanco is widely known for its superb harvests year after year.

The story of this rare coffee variety and its origin is a bit of a mystery to Rodrigo. One day, Pink Bourbon appeared amid the other varieties. His grandfather began cultivating the first seedlings of this coffee in the early 1980s. In 2014, Rodrigo planted 3 hectares of this variety, surprising him with its adaptable nature and resistance to leaf rust.

As the cherries are harvested, they are measured for sugar content, the result of which designates how each cherry will be processed. After 37 hours of dry fermentation, a full wash, and three days in a solar dryer, the coffee is ready to be dried on raised beds between 23 and 27 days, until the desired humidity level has been achieved.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Acai / Black Forest Cake / Dark Beer
Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
Region: Huila
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

This cup of coffee is rich and bold, featuring a unique blend of fruity notes like watermelon and strawberry alongside heavier notes of chocolate, licorice, and molasses. With a robust mouthfeel and light acidity, this natural iteration from Finca Monteblanco is quite the treat.