Fabio Martínez / Colombia

Fabio Martínez / Colombia

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Rocky Road, Black Cherry, Spiced Rum


El Carmen


Vereda La Mesa - La Plata, Huila


Castillo, Tabi, Colombia




1650 meters

Fabio Nelson Martínez Mosquera's 3.5 hectare farm, El Carmen, is a picture of hope. Historically, Castillo, like all hybrid varietals has been written off by coffee professionals for having a significantly inferior cup quality. This reputation is quickly beginning to change as geneticists strive to create higher quality hybrids that maintain the disease resistance that farmers require, and the cup quality green buyers are looking for. Additionally, and most importantly, there has been a massive increase in farmers looking to improve their cup quality through applying better farming practices to their existing crops. As producers continue to face the drastic effects of diseases, most notably coffee leaf rust, we must keep an open mind and let the cup quality speak for itself. Fabio's production is significantly composed of these hybrid varietals, and the cup quality speaks loudly and eloquently. 

Fabio Martínez is a dense chocolate bomb with notes of dark nuts, sparkling fruit overtones, and a spicy sugared finish similar to dark sodas and rum. This coffee is a great picture of the hopeful future for producers in troubling times. It is the perfect coffee for taking it easy on those cold winter mornings.

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