Elkin Guzman / Colombia - Bourbon - Imperial Reserve

Elkin Guzman / Colombia - Bourbon - Imperial Reserve

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Elkin Guzman’s washed Bourbon has a striking red-fruit tartness that most closely resembles dried cranberries, softening into a buttery spiciness that reminds us of oatmeal cookies. Cooling the cup picks up flavors of white grape and citrus brightness, calling to mind a glass of sauvignon blanc. This coffee has so much depth and complexity for a variety that is often overlooked in the pursuit of the wild. It is the perfect coffee to drive your inspiration to perfectly refine your next project.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Cranberry / Oatmeal Cookie / Sauvignon Blanc
Farm:  El Mirador
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Varietal Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1680 meters

Coffee Bio

"If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” are words Elkin Guzman has likely never heard. He is a master at innovation. Working as head agronomist at Banexport’s quality control lab, he also operates his own small farm, El Mirador. Elkin grows at least seven distinct coffee varieties. For each, he can list the ideal sugar content for harvest, average density, and minute processing variations to produce the best cup. As amazing as his coffees are, his work is not self-serving. He aims to share his experiences with the thousands of producers that work with Banexport throughout Colombia, freely sharing his knowledge with producers on small changes in harvesting and processing that can immensely improve cup quality and the profit directly tied to it. 

Elkin’s Bourbons are unlike any other. Cupping through seven of his experiments was a treat. While there were mind-melting coffees like his hydro-honey process we featured earlier this year, there was this Bourbon that is the very picture of potential. This coffee cupped very well, but we could tell there was so much more complexity to pull out of it. It was a roaster’s dream coffee — a ton of complex, sugary fruit tones that are not quite defined yet. Tasting this coffee, one could see something magical peeking through its cracks. 

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