El Porvenir / Mexico - Imperial Reserve

El Porvenir / Mexico - Imperial Reserve

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Nectarine, Lavender Truffle, Rosé


Don Román Garcia




Bourbon, Caturra, Arabe


Pre-Fermentation Washed


1700 meters

Don Román Garcia, like many smallholder farmers in the Chiapas region, processes his own coffee on his personal property. Through this he has complete control over all aspects of quality. This lot was his entry into the second annual Lo Mejor de Mexico competition hosted by Café Imports to promote improving cup quality throughout Mexico. Our Owner/Founder, Christian, and Max, our Production Roaster, were able to join the judging panel in Xalapa, Veracruz and brought back this winning selection for us. Through each round of judging this lot was unanimously scored as the top entry. Mexico is quickly gaining a reputation for producing incredibly complex and structured coffee. At Spyhouse we find it vitally important to build a foundation of purchasing in developing countries as climate change reduces coffee harvests in many of the classically honored growing regions. Román’s hard work is clearly evident in this cup and it is an honor to join in supporting the future of Mexico through carrying this beautiful coffee.

El Porvenir is sweet, bright and smooth like a fine rosé. Citric and stone fruit notes similar to nectarine follow, finishing dry and floral like a lavender milk chocolate truffle. This coffee shows the immense complexity of the finest offerings Mexico has to offer, signaling it’s future as “the Kenya of the West.” It is the perfect coffee for those seeking something a little more complex and refined.

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