Edgar Ureña / Costa Rica - Imperial Reserve

Edgar Ureña / Costa Rica - Imperial Reserve

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Marshmallow / English Toffee / Syrah


Finca San Pablo


San Pablo de Leon Cortez


Caturra & Catuai


Cherry Dried


1650 meters

The Ureña family and Spyhouse have been working together since our very first sourcing trip. Our relationship began with Cesar's micromill, Don Pepe, and last year we began working with his brother Edgar's mill, El Pilon. The third brother, Martin, and Edgar each operate a mill on either side of the family's home to share resources and their innovative pre-washing system they developed to sort cherry-dried coffees before sending them to the raised beds. They created a small floating tank system, using recirculating water, to remove underdeveloped cherries and debris through density separation. This technique is standard in washed processing, but this is the first we have seen it applied in this manner for cherry-dried coffees. Through this simple system they are able to improve cup consistency and clarity while reducing risk of spoilage. 

Edgar Ureña's cherry-dried lot from San Pablo asserts itself with a strong ripe cherry note and touches of spice that remind us of Australian Syrah. The red fruit notes are offset with a touch of mango brightness and the sugary tones of marshmallows and chocolate covered English toffee. This coffee is an annual staff favorite that works incredibly well as a single origin espresso. It is the perfect coffee to sip while you spin your favorite records, reliving the classics.

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