Doris Alicia Cruz / Colombia

Doris Alicia Cruz / Colombia

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Doris Alicia Cruz is a complex, lively, and dynamic coffee filled with tropical fruit flavors, yet it is refined and balanced without any one direction being overpowering. We taste notes of sweet citrus, delicate melon, and ripe pear, supported by a soft undertone of cream soda and pie crust notes. This coffee starts off hinting at its complexity, but we have found that it shows off much more of its range as it begins to cool. It is the perfect coffee for a spring morning when you want something a little brighter but nothing that’s “too much.” 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Key Lime / Melon Sorbet / Cream Soda
Farm Name:  Alto Arrayan Caldera
Region: Alto Caldera, Pasto, Nariño
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed
Elevation:  2155 meters

Coffee Bio

Doris Alicia Cruz owns Alto Arrayan Caldera, a five-hectare farm, with two-hectares dedicated to growing Castillo. In the 2000s, she left her job in the city to pursue her dream of becoming a farmer. She initially planted tomatoes, but then switched to coffee and never looked back. 

She only picks her cherries when they are dark purple, essential to producing quality Castillo. She allows them to rest in cherry for 15 hours before de-pulping and undergoing a second 24- hour dry fermentation. Following the extended fermentation, the coffee is washed two or three times to remove the mucilage. She dries her coffee in a mixture of direct sun and parabolic dries, depending on the weather. 

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