Don Pepe / Costa Rica - Imperial Reserve

Don Pepe / Costa Rica - Imperial Reserve

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Strawberry, Orange Blossom, Tequila


Don Cesar Urena


San Isidro de Leon Cortes, Tarrazu


Caturra and Catuai


Cherry Dried


1600 meters

Don Cesar Urena produces some of the most amazingly clean, sweet, and complex honey and cherry-dried coffees we have ever seen at his micro-mill named after his father, Don Pepe. San Isidro de Leon Cortez overlooks the Tarrazu river, creating a beautifully stable microclimate with ample natural water sources. Cesar uses this unique climate to his advantage by leaving his fruit and parchment spread out and uncovered, allowing the cooler evening air to slow down the fermentation process. His processing takes two to three times longer than normal, but the clarity he achieves by waiting is unmatched in the cup. On top of producing exceptional coffee, Cesar is simply an amazing person. Riding to his mill we learned his relationship with Cafe Imports began when Cesar stopped to fix Piero’s flat tire. Last year, aside from Spyhouse, Cesar only granted one other roaster in Australia access to his cherry-dried lot. In fact, he produced more of it this year solely at our request. We are excited to be featuring Cesar’s coffee again this year, as a selection exclusively from Finca El Bananal– his highest quality farm.

Don Pepe’s Finca El Bananal, Cherry-Dried lot is exceptionally fragrant with notes of fresh strawberries and cream, floral tones reminscent of orange blossom and rose, and a rich spiciness of fine gold tequila. This coffee shows that cherry-dried coffees, when properly processed, can have all the complexity and clarity that we love in other processing methods. It is the perfect coffee for embracing exceptions to the rules.

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