Don Pepe / Costa Rica

Don Pepe / Costa Rica

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Tootsie Roll / Blackberry / Honey Wine


Don Cesar Urena


San Isidro de Leon Cortez, Tarrazu






1650 meters

After years of frustration with the local cooperative system, Don Cesar Urena built his own micro-mill in San Isidro de Leon Cortez, overlooking the Tarrazu river. He named his mill after his father, Don Pepe, and processes cherry from his personal plots as well as farms opperated by friends and family. He has created a way for more exceptional farmers in his micro region to create their own micro-lots specializing in honey and cherry-dried processes. In order to maximize stability and clarity, Cesar uses raised beds and leaves the parchment spread out and uncovered overnight. This approach takes two to three times as long as his neighbors who bundle and cover their coffee each night, but allows the process to take place more gently, creating more stability and reducing the potential of rot. On top of producing exceptional coffee, Cesar is simply an amazing person. This is Spyhouse’s third year working with Cesar and his 2014 cherry-dried lot was the first coffee we selected in country. This year we feature his highest scoring honey, Finca Santa Rosa.

Don Pepe’s Finca Santa Rosa starts off with flavors of fresh blackberries and wild honey. As it cools into a soft chocolate with a slight almond nuttiness that reminds us of Tootsie Rolls. This coffee has been an annual staff favorite, both as a filter offering and single origin espresso. It is the perfect coffee to share with your closest friends.

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