Don Amado / Honduras - Imperial Reserve

Don Amado / Honduras - Imperial Reserve

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 Plum Pie / White Pepper / Tamarind Soda


José Amado Fernández


Las Flores, Santa Barbara


Pacas and Yellow Catuai




1550 - 1580 meters

José Amado Fernández has an incredible history of producing exceptional coffee. We have been able to purchase a small micro-lot of his harvest for each of the past three years. This micro-lot, a separation of his pickings from the beginning of March, was selected in country by Christian, Owner/Founder, and Tony, Director of Coffee while meeting with our Honduran producers this past spring. This sample stood out on the table for being incredibly dynamic and complex. Visiting with José at his mill we met his children and brothers as he shared with us the details of his two surgeries in the past year to remove cancerous tumors in his abdomen. Thankfully his health has greatly improved and Tony noticed that José looked years younger than he did just two years before when they met for the first time.

Don Amado, the farm's namesake passed down a portion of his farm to each of his four sons as well as his wife. Jośe was given the best portion, just above the family's shared mill. Each family member manages their own parcel and process their coffee separately. Jośe took first place in the Honduras Cup of Excellence in 2010 and continued his success with a sixth place finish in 2013. His portion is split into two parcels growing yellow catuai on one and pacas on the other. Scattered midst them are rare avacado trees that produce fruit that smells of sweet anise and tastes like vanilla custard.

Don Amado is marked by a rich jamminess, expressing flavors of spiced plum pie and tamarind soda. Throughout the cup experience there are many subtle complexities, including a lively white pepper overtone, ripe watermelon juiciness, and soft effervesce that carries a soda-like characteristic. This coffee is deep and dynamic; working well both as a drip offering and as espresso. It is the perfect coffee to pair with your funk 45's.

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