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Division - Fair Trade & Organic - NET



Caramel, Clementine, Hot Cocoa

Division was designed to exhibit the fervor of multiple elements in alliance, creating a rich & complex profile of dark sugars. We crafted this offering on the foundation of rich chocolate and caramel notes with just enough sweet, dark fruit overtones to make it an exceptionally versatile coffee. Primarily intended to serve as a brewed offering, this coffee has been shaped to serve as a Fair-Trade & Organic alternative to Orion, our flagship espresso.

Division was created to be paired with food. The rich body holds up well against heavier traditional breakfast items. Inversely the fruit tones are held in careful balance to compliment a wide range of pastries and desserts. Although sweetness is clearly present in the cup, it is not overpowering. We created this offering to showcase the versatility of a carefully balanced cup. This makes Division an exceptional choice for cafes and restaurants looking for a “work horse” coffee. We like to think of this offering as the nicest “diner coffee” you will ever find; perfect for bookending your day.

Although the elements shift occasionally to reflect the seasonality of coffee harvests, we are careful in our selection of what we pair in Division. While looking for rich, sugared tones we make sure we are working with a seasonally rotating selection of reputable cooperatives, known for consistent quality and fair practices. 

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5 Pound Bag : $56.25     10 Ounce Bag : $8.25 / $15.00 MSRP


Formed in 1994, Campesinos Ecológicos de la Sierra Madre de Chiapas (CESMACH) is a coffee co-operative in the southern highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. The 478 small-scale farmers in CESMACH are located in the buffer zone of El Triunfo, a very important U.N.-designated biosphere, containing many endangered and protected species. Within the nucleus of the biosphere, agricultural activities are not permitted. Organic farming is allowed in the buffer zone, which separates the biosphere from the surrounding region, as long as it is done in accordance with a strict set of standards designed to protect the fragile environment of the rain and cloud forest. For thousands of farmers living in this area, coffee is the principal agricultural activity and their only source of income. Because organic farming gives higher prices, and because the farmers wanted to protect the biosphere, the farmers organized to create CESMACH. 

CESMACH used their 2008 Fair Trade premiums to produce their own dry mill, giving them direct control over their own quality. In 2012, they started a coffee nursery designed specifically to renew the crop lost to Roya. This Year, CESMACH planted 700,000 trees from their nursery in the surrounding coffee producing communities of Sierra Madre de Chiapas and will see production from these trees in 3 years, at the same time expecting to improve quality. We are proud to be part of the initiatives that CESMACH Co-op are taking in their fight against Roya, and we are excited for what's to come for Sierra Madre de Chiapas.


The Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala ASDECAFE, is organized with the objective of making washed Arabica coffees of excellent quality from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions available to the international market. Among its partners are groups of producers who are members of six Associations and Cooperatives, keeping in mind the future of including private plantations and family groups. There are over 600 individuals represented by the combined group.

The concept of “sustainability” is based on a strong commitment to the protection of the environment, equal distribution of the generated profits, business transparency, a strong commitment to quality and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. ASDECAFE contributes to the local and national economy by generating employment, foreign exchange earnings and fiscal responsibility. They currently have FAIR TRADE, Organic and Nespresso certification. Total production is 30,000 bags of exported coffee which are distributed among the local and international markets.

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