Dimtu Tero / Ethiopia - Organic - Good Food Award Finalist

Dimtu Tero / Ethiopia - Organic - Good Food Award Finalist

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2020 Good Food Award Finalist

Dimtu Tero is full of sweet orange notes—primarily clementines and mandarins. These brighter flavors are sweetened by notes of apricot and an oolong tea richness. This coffee is marked with lively aromatics, but held together with enough sweetness to prevent it from becoming too delicate. It is the perfect coffee for enjoying this transitional time of year. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes:  Apricot / Oolong Tea / Orange Liqueur
Producers:  Getachew Zeleke & 136 smallholder farmers
Region: Odo Shakiso, Guji
Varieties: Native Landraces
Process: Washed
Elevation:  1808–2128 meters

Coffee Bio

The Dimtu Tero farm was established by Getachew Zeleke with the goal of becoming the leader in quality, traceability, and sustainability in the Guji zone. The farm itself covers 151 hectares stretched across Odo Shakiso, but Getachew has partnered with an additional 136 registered smallholder farmers to add 989 hectares in the surrounding villages. With the vision to grow a thriving and sustainable coffee community, he focuses on supply chain integration with the members. The smallholders receive premiums on top of the regular cherry price, interest-free loans, improved coffee seedlings, processing equipment, and the training to improve productivity, quality, and sustainability. Coffee production and processing are done in an organic, socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. To maintain organic standards, no pesticides or fertilizers are used and all weed management is done by hand. 

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