Organic Decaf / Colombia

Organic Decaf / Colombia

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Our Organic Decaf is made through the most natural and sustainable process, preserving the most true representation of the coffee's inherent flavor.

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Decaf doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Quality decaf begins with quality green. Our decaf importer selects specific lots at their source, in-country, sending them directly to the decaf processing facility. With this approach, we can purchase coffees that were chosen, based on their cup profile, to have the best possible output as a decaf. The better quality we begin with, the greater our end-product will be.

Our decaf offerings are now made through an organically certified process using ethyl acetate, a naturally-occurring ester found in many fruits. The process is done through a vertically-integrated model with the growing, processing, and decaffeination all being done in Colombia. Not only is the EA process much more natural than other options, it also preserves more of the coffee’s inherent flavor qualities, producing a better cup.

Our decaf selections carry the same driving flavor profiles as our Bold and the Beautiful / Darker Roast. For both these offerings, we consistently select coffees with notes of complex dark sugars. The roast profile is carefully shaped to create a coffee that works well both as a brewed offering and espresso.

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