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Decaf doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Quality decaf begins with quality green. Our decaf importer selects specific lots at their source, in country, sending them directly to the decaf processing facility. With this approach we are able to purchase coffees that were chosen, based on their cup profile, to have the best possible output as a decaf. The better quality we begin with, the greater our end-product will be.

Spyhouse’s decaf offerings are always processed through water-processing methods. The green coffee is immersed in pure water from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba mountain in Mexico. The water absorbs the coffee’s soluble oils and caffeine. This solution is then filtered to remove the caffeine before returning the flavor-packed soluble oils to beans. This processing method is free of the harmful chemicals used in other decaf processing, and allows the coffee to maintain its unique, high-quality flavor profile.

Our decaf selections carry the same driving flavor profiles as our Division blend. For both these offerings, we consistently select coffees with notes of complex dark sugars. The roast profile is carefully shaped to create a coffee that works well both as a brewed offering and espresso.
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5 Pound Bag : $56.25     10 Ounce Bag : $8.25 / $15.00 MAP


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