Daniel Muñoz / Colombia

Daniel Muñoz / Colombia

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Blackberry / Mangoes & Creme / Champagne


Villa Camila


San Agustin, Huila


Caturra & Pink Bourbon




1780 meters

Daniel Muñoz is one of the many standout members of the Los Naranjos association in San Agustin. We buy a large portion of the group’s coffee each year as a foundational element for our flagship Orion blend. This year, we added two single-producer lots to highlight some of the leaders within the group who are taking personal initiatives to invest in the future of their farms and produce amazingly dynamic coffees.

Daniel has a strong history of looking forward. His farm was one that contributed to Cafe Imports’ water activity study a few years back. Daniel recently hosted us on our tour last winter. He was proud to show us his two largest improvements in the past few years. The first was a newly acquired mechanical washing station that can produce traditional-washed, or a pulp-washed hybrid process. The design of the system allows him to recycle much more of his water, greatly reducing his ecological impact. He also planted a plot of Pink Bourbon, which is currently too small to isolate into a micro-lot. We are greatly looking forward to getting our hands on that, but in the meantime, it is currently mixed into the bulk harvest—adding even more wildness to this outstandingly complex coffee.

Daniel Muñoz’s coffee has a broad spectrum of sweet fruit acidities and fresh herbal aromatics over a creamy, yogurt-like foundation. Describing this coffee is a challenge because the flavors are so far- reaching and dynamic. This coffee sings with notes of wild berries, clover honey, cranberry white grape juice, fresh orange, bright wines, gin-like botanicals, and so much more. It is the perfect coffee to take home since its uniqueness is enjoyable time and again.

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