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Congo Mapendo / DR Congo – Fair Trade & Organic – Natural – Reserve Series

Honeydew / Apple Rings / Graham Cracker

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This coffee follows nearly the same journey as our washed Congo Mapendo. The only difference is that it goes through a natural fermentation. Naturally processing coffee is one of the oldest traditions in coffee where the cherry is left on the picked seeds during the drying phase of processing. As the cherries dry around the coffee seeds, they impart fruity sugars from the flesh of the coffee cherry over a period of 30-45 days before heading to a dry mill for hulling. This often leads to the coffee taking on very prominent notes of berry, melon, or tropical fruits. It can be a risky and challenging process to manage the drying over such a long period of time. If the fruit is left to ferment too long and the drying of the coffee cherries is uneven, it can lead to significant defects like mold or over fermentation which can ruin all of the hard work of growing and picking. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Honeydew / Apple Rings / Graham Cracker
Women of the Muungano Cooperative
Region: African Great Lakes
Variety: SL34
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

For this coffee, the natural process adds layers of fruity complexity to the bright acidity featured in the washed Mapendo. You'll find notes of honeydew melon and apple along with a sparkling acidity. Naturally processed coffees from Congo are relatively rare—we are lucky to be able to serve this very unique and fun coffee.