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African Trio Box Set

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Spyhouse is thrilled to present a trio of vibrant coffees from the Great Lakes region of Africa. Though these coffees are grown only a couple thousand kilometers Southwest of the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia, they take on a character unmatched by any other coffee-producing country. Coffees from the Great Lakes regions are well known for their complexity—balancing punchy, sparkling acidity with round fruit tones and delicate, spicy, floral notes.

These three coffees from Burundi, DR Congo, and Rwanda are shining examples of what each of these countries has to offer and are guaranteed to pique your palate. Don’t miss the opportunity to try all three side by side!



This is the first of two offerings brought to us by our friends at Higa Coffee. This coffee has a complex profile that stands out from other coffees from Burundi. It is roasted to caramelize the fruit tones and bring out a unique spice quality. We are proud to bring you this excellent coffee and look forward to continuing our partnership with Higa as they continue to make positive changes for producers in Burundi.



Spyhouse is proud to be offering this coffee as a yearly staple in our Gender Equity Project. Produced on 16 distinct lots by thousands of farmers, almost 40% are women-owned.

A repeat and multifaceted offering for Spyhouse, this coffee is also used in our Moonstruck and Bold and Beautiful blends. It is a versatile coffee that can take on a completely different character when roasted to darker levels, featuring dark chocolate and toffee notes, a heavy body, and a light spice character. As a single origin, we wanted to highlight the brighter, more delicate side of this coffee and let its natural vibrancy take center stage. You’ll notice a crisp acidity with a mild fruitiness paired with caramel. We hope you enjoy this unique and impactful coffee as much as we do!



This is the second of two offerings brought to us by our friends at Higa Coffee. This coffee comes from the Northern Province of Rwanda, where the soil is incredibly fertile due to volcanic activity. Volcanic soil is often correlated with an almost effervescent acidity, which is certainly the case with this coffee. The distinct acidity pairs perfectly with savory fruit notes and a mild spice. Spyhouse is lucky to have this lot from Shyira, which is exclusive and highly sought after!