Spyhouse Sustainability Renewable Resource Cups

Throughout all of our business decisions and day-to-day operations, we are committed to making choices in support of our environment and society as a whole. 

Waste Not

Waste has numerous impacts on our environment including the release of harmful toxins to our air and waterways. Additionally, our society’s consumer habits contribute to the depletion of many of our natural resources.

  • Spyhouse is working to lessen our environmental impact through the following actions:
    • We encourage guests to utilize our 10% in-store discount when they bring their own mug or tumbler
    • Conversion of all packaging to compostable materials, including all to-go cups and lids
    • Offering compostable straws by request
    • Retail coffee bag using Biotre by Pacific Bags, 60% compostable and made from 100% renewable materials
    • Compost collection at all Minneapolis locations and recycling in all cafes
    • Majority of café furnishings are custom built using refurbished materials or sourced from local antique shops
    • Reduction of energy waste by converting to LED bulbs
  • We strive to reduce food miles and ecological impacts by working with local and organic food businesses whenever possible; these partners include:
    • Patisserie 46
    • Bootlegger Kombucha
    • Helms Sugar Shack Pure Maple Syrup
    • Love You Cookie
    • Skinny Jake's Fat Honey
    • Stony Creek Dairy
    • Trio Supply Company