Vunga / Rwanda
Vunga / Rwanda

Vunga / Rwanda

Lemon / Cherry Tomato / Oolong Tea

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Coffees from Rwanda can often be exceptional, but this one is above and beyond. Not only does it present everything you’d hope for in a coffee from East Africa, like bright acidity with high complexity and clarity, but it is also produced by an exceptional leader.

Daphrose Uwimana is the manager of the Vunga washing station. While it is still rare for a woman to be the president and leader of a cooperative in Rwanda, she’s held the title since 2009. In addition to running a successful washing station, she has invested her money in purchasing land. Her goal is to educate young people in the area about specialty coffee, hoping they will be inspired to enter the coffee sector. Spyhouse is proud to showcase Daphrose’s impressive initiative and spectacular coffee as part of our Gender Equity Project. We hope to aid in creating more opportunities for women like Daphrose at origin and in our community. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Lemon / Cherry Tomato / Oolong Tea
260 Small-Holder Farmers
Region: Northern Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This coffee is a perfect addition for the coming warmer months. It has a refreshing tea-like body with a bright acidity. We taste a tart lemon flavor with tea notes and a tangy cherry tomato-like finish.