Tanzania Itete - AA

Tanzania Itete - AA

Tanzanian Micro-lot Single Origin Coffee

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This micro-lot from Tanzania is a wonderful balance of sweet and savory. The changing of seasons brings extremes in weather, rainy and 50 one day, sunny and 75 the next. This coffee is a great complement to the changes that spring brings. Going back and forth between the sugary sweet citrus notes to the realm of baking spices, it’s a complex coffee that we are very excited to add to our offerings!

Coffee Profile

 Flavor Notes: Sugar Cane / Lemon Zest / Baking Spice
Farm Name: AMCOS Cooperative
Region: Mbeya, Tanzania
Varieties: Washed N 39, KP 423
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

Itete AMCOS is a group of about 160 smallholder producers located in and around the villages of Itete, Mlowo, Idunda, and Shinzingo in Tanzania’s Mbeya district. The AMCOS merged from four separate groups, and uses a central processing unit. Water for the processing comes from the Itete River, which is about 2km from the washing station.

Producers here grow a few different varieties; the most commonly found are N 39 and KP 423. They typically harvest coffee in the morning and then deliver it in the afternoon to the washing station. Once the coffee is delivered and sorted, it gets de-pulped, starting at around 3 pm and lasting until 10 pm depending on how many producers come that day. Coffee is then sorted into separate channels: P1, P2, P3, P lights, and pods. Higher quality coffee will stay together throughout the processing. All of the parchment coffee is fermented for 24–36 hours, then it is washed and soaked for 8–12 hours before being spread out on tables to dry. Drying takes 7–10 days.