Suke Quto / Ethiopia - Organic Natural

Suke Quto / Ethiopia - Organic Natural

Strawberry / Watermelon / Cocoa

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Deep in the hills of the Guji region of Ethiopia, a farm and mill project is shaking things up. Suke Quto Farm stretches over the highlands and valleys of the Odo Shakisso woreda. The volcanic soil found on the farm is very fertile—Tesfaye Bekele keeps the soil in shape by organic recycling through litterfall, root residue from coffee, and shade trees. Tesfaye works together with 171 outgrowers that deliver cherries to the Suke Quto Washing and Drying Station. Besides partnering up with outgrowers, he owns another 221 hectares in the highlands of Guji. More than 200 seasonal workers are needed to pick and process the Suke coffees.

Suke Quto coffees are all Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified. Tesfaye focuses on environmentally friendly coffee and on the economic growth of the community. Tesfaye also initiated a community project that aims to renew local schools. With a handful of dedicated coffee roasters, Tesfaye has built a new school building in the neighboring village Kurume.

At Spyhouse, we are proud of the relationships we have fostered year after year. Suke Quto and our partnership with Trabocca is a shining example of how every cup of coffee can be a small but growing drop in the welling pool, making the world a better place for you and me.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Strawberry / Watermelon / Cocoa
Farm Name: Ato Tesfaye Bekele
Region: Guji
Variety: Kurume & Welicho
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

Tesfaye works closely with the coffee pickers to pick from very specific areas, and only picks ripe cherries for the coffee that will be processed as natural. They then lay the coffee cherries on raised screens in very thin layers, allowing the coffee to dry slowly and evenly. The cherries then dry for 21-27 days, depending on the local humidity. Slow drying allows the flavors to mature in the seed, absorbing the fruity qualities that are so vibrant in the cup.