Suke Quto / Ethiopia Box Set
Suke Quto / Ethiopia Box Set

Suke Quto / Ethiopia Box Set

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This year we’ve done something special... we’ve released three new coffees from Suke Quto! Each of these coffees is processed differently: Washed, Natural, and Pulp Natural. They are all distinctive and incredibly different from one another, despite growing on the same trees. Processing plays a huge role in a coffee’s final flavor profile. This box set provides a great opportunity to try all three coffees side by side and discover these dynamic differences.


At the Suke Quto Washing Station, the washed coffees are pulped with an Agared machine. This is a pulper that has no mucilage remover. The coffee beans are fermented for 35-48 hours (depending on the current weather) in fermentation tanks. There are three lagoons to store the wastewater. The coffees are then dried between 9 and 15 days on elevated beds.


Producer Tesfaye Bekele works closely with the coffee pickers to pick from specific areas, and only picks ripe cherries for the coffee that will be processed as natural. They then lay the coffee cherries on raised screens in thin layers, allowing the coffee to dry slowly and evenly. The cherries then dry for 21-27 days. Slow drying allows the flavors to mature in the seed, absorbing the fruity qualities that are so vibrant in the cup.


Tesfaye teaches the coffee pickers to look for only the ripest cherries as they pick. This ripe fruit is then run through a pulping machine called an Agared machine. It squeezes the cherries and the seeds, still covered in sticky fruit. These seeds are then laid out on raised screens in a single layer and turned every two hours. The seeds dry slowly from 15-17 days. This process leads to a smooth, heavier body in the cup.