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Shyira / Rwanda

Raisin / Tomato Jam / Cardamom

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This is the second of two offerings brought to us by our friends at Higa Coffee company. Shyira is located at the foothills of the famous Virunga National Park. The national park is a chain of volcanoes and the habitat for mountain gorillas. Shyira is the highest altitude washing station in Rwanda at 1850m above sea level. The temperate weather, high altitude, and volcanic soil give the station a microclimate perfect for coffee. This leads to a distinct flavor profile from other locations in Rwanda. Shyira is unique in that it services 1869 small-holder farmers throughout the harvest.

This coffee is from Farmer Lot B, which is a group of only five small-holder farmers. They are some of the top producers for quality and quantity at Shyira washing station. Their cherries have been processed separately into a single lot of the best coffee from this station.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Raisin / Tomato Jam / Cardamom
Shyira Farmer Lot B
Region: Nyabihu Northern Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This coffee comes from the Northern Province of Rwanda, where the soil is incredibly fertile due to volcanic activity. Volcanic soil is often correlated with an almost effervescent acidity, which is certainly the case with this coffee. The distinct acidity pairs perfectly with savory fruit notes and a mild spice. Spyhouse lucky to have this lot from Shyira, which is exclusive and highly sought after!