Pantan Musara / Sumatra

Pantan Musara / Sumatra

Vanilla Cream / Blackberry / Molasses

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We are incredibly excited to see Pantan Musara return to Spyhouse. This microlot is processed at the small mill of Pegasing in the famous growing region of Aceh. This specific mill is located in the northern reaches of Sumatra and is in the service of several smallholder producers in the villages of Pantan Musara. Due to natural disasters over the last few years, many producers have been displaced from their homes and land. They have since tirelessly pressed forward to rebuild their homes and communities with the emboldened focus on producing beautiful new coffees.

Unlike many growing regions in Sumatra, these smallholders have focused their attention on washed process coffees—a process that, until recent years, was not widely utilized. After being depulped, the ripe red cherries of Pantan Musara are delivered to Pegasing mill and fermented for 36 hours. They are then washed four times before being sorted into drying houses or raised beds to dry for up to 2 weeks.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Vanilla Cream / Blackberry / Molasses
Farm Name: Various Smallholder Farmers
Region: Aceh
Varieties: Catimor, Gayo 1 & 2, Abyssinia
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

The process of thoroughly washing produces an exceptionally clean and sweet cup while retaining the classic earthiness and heavy mouthfeel that many have come to know and love about Sumatran coffees. This microlot is full of rich aromatics like brown sugar and earth. The cup opens with vanilla cream and juicy blackberry, giving way to a ruby red grapefruit acidity, savory herbs, and finishing with a long, heavy mouthfeel of clove, molasses, and sweet pipe tobacco. We hope you enjoy this beautiful offering as much as we do. Cheers!