Finca San Cristobal / Costa Rica

Finca San Cristobal / Costa Rica

Cranberry / Passionfruit / Nougat

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Eduardo Navarro Jiminez and his brother Juan Carlos Navarro Ceciliano share a 100-year family history in coffee production. The brothers and their other sibling own several farms, and in 2016, Eduardo established Coffee NACE Micromill. An important part of Juan and Eduardo’s mission statement is, “Sabemos que unidos somos capaces de lograr lo imposible,” or “We know that together we are capable of achieving the impossible.”

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Cranberry / Passionfruit / Nougat
Farm Name: Eduardo Navarro Jimenez & Juan Carlos Navarro Ceciliano 
Region: Desamparados, Tarrazú
Varieties: Caturra
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

This cup of coffee brings together a wonderful balance of bright, fruity, and rich sweet notes. It is a classic natural (in the sense of having a fruit-forward cup) and is also a very unique cup with how much the toffee/nougat flavors come through on the back end. Some of my favorite coffees are Natural Process coffees—the depth of flavors possible within a natural is endless. This coffee gives you the classic overall profile that you would expect in a natural and also provides a taste of something unexpected. A very welcome addition to our offerings by some very talented producers!