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Torea / Ethiopia



Elderflower / Peach / Sweet Tea


1,500 Smallholder Farmers


Borena, Gelena, Tore


Various Native Heirlooms




1800 – 2050 meters

The Torea washing station is located in the village of Tore, The Borena zone's Gelena district. They collect coffee from twenty-five smaller stations and employ fifty-two workers at the mill. Turnover at the station has been a major challenge and in an effort to retain staff they began a meal program for the workers providing injerta and meat. Farmers are provided free fertilizer mix, comprised of spent coffee cherries and pulp water. Recently the washing station invested $35,000 into a pump system capable of moving forty liters of water a second. This allows the washing station to use cleaner well water in place of the river for processing the coffee. These investments, along with the increased national stability, compared to the social uprising last year, has allowed the Torea washing station to put out nearly two and a half times as much sellable green coffee as last year.

Torea initially reminds us of a sweet lemon hard candy before developing more complexity, picking up notes of ripe peaches with soft floral overtones. We have found this coffee to be incredibly balanced and structured, allowing the more delicate elements to not be lost. This coffee is a beautiful example of why we keep falling in love with coffees from this region of Yirgacheffe. It is the perfect coffee to sip as you crack open that last book on your summer reading list.

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