Nyagishiru / Burundi – Reserve Series
Nyagishiru / Burundi – Reserve Series

Nyagishiru / Burundi – Reserve Series

Raspberry / Blueberry / Dark Chocolate

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The latest addition to our Reserve Series lineup is a delicious coffee from Burundi. When most people think of coffees of this origin, they often think of a washed coffee with high complexity, acidity, spice, and sweetness. However, this coffee is a natural processed coffee from the Muyinga province, which adds a bright, sweet fruitiness to the traditional flavor profile from Burundi.

Zuberi Matsitsi is the station owner of the Nyashiru washing station, and we are thankful to have him. The main goal of this station is to not only produce great coffee but also give people a fair living wage for doing so. Farmers who supply this station are paid 20% above the local rate, and the station workers are paid almost 60% above the rate of casual labor in Burundi. At the same time, this station provides funds for a school and healthcare center construction. This station also tries to limit its environmental impact, providing coffee pulp waste during processing to local farmers to use as compost. All this while giving seedlings to the farmers to replace old, aged trees to keep the exceptional quality of the coffee going. These are some of the great reasons we are happy to have this coffee in our lineup. 

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Raspberry / Blueberry / Dark Chocolate
850 Small-Holder Farmers
Region: Muyinga Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

The initial taste of this coffee is fruit-forward with hints of blueberry and raspberry. It has a bright acidity and is rounded out by a dark chocolate finish. We are super excited to welcome this new coffee to the Spyhouse family.