Las Lajas – Finca San Isidro / Costa Rica – Reserve Series
Las Lajas – Finca San Isidro / Costa Rica – Reserve Series

Las Lajas – Finca San Isidro / Costa Rica – Reserve Series

Watermelon / Strawberry / Molasses

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The Las Lajas micro mill in the Central Valley region is one of the most significant innovative leaders in Costa Rican coffee and beyond. In 2005, Oscar and Francisca Chacón decided to open their own micromill. After two generations of selling their harvested cherries to a cooperative for market price, starting their milling operation came with an intimidating learning curve. The Chacóns took to this challenge with a diligent, systematic approach, and it didn’t take long until they produced some of the most distinctive coffees in the world. Their drive to constantly improve their coffee has led them to create eight honey and natural processing methods, all with their own drying techniques, to highlight the different qualities of the coffee grown on their farms.

This particular lot comes from their San Isidro farm and is naturally processed using their Alma Negra process, which takes about 20-30 days. After picking, the cherries are dried in thin layers on raised beds and are moved a week later to a protected greenhouse patio. They are spread in a thin layer to dry in the sun, and at night, they are raked into a pile. This method extends the drying time of the coffee and allows for deeper, more intense flavors to develop.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Watermelon / Strawberry / Molasses
Oscar + Francisca Chacón
Region: Central Valley
Variety: Caturra & Catuai
Process: Alma Negra Natural

Coffee Bio

The extra effort and years of innovative processing really show up in this dynamic coffee. A bright fruitiness is balanced with a funky malt character reminiscent of a barrel-aged, wild-fermented beer. Like most coffees from Las Lajas, it is a punchy and unforgettable experience.