Iyenga Peaberry / Tanzania - "Reserve Series"

Iyenga Peaberry / Tanzania - "Reserve Series"

Green Apple / Dried Date / Allspice

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Iyenga is located in the Songwe region of Southern Tanzania. Founded in the wake of the Tanzanian Cooperative Act of 2003, Iyenga AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) has 193 registered members today and collects from over 500 farmers. During the harvest, the group organizes trucks and motorbikes to pick up cherries and ensures that everything is pulped within 8 hours of harvest. Iyenga utilizes a government-granted Penagos UCBE 500 (an eco-efficient machine), which is critical in this area. Access to water is one of Iyenga’s biggest challenges.

Iyenga’s elected board has a reputation for capable management. They have proven their ability to work towards long-term goals and have taken on quality as their next objective. In 2019, they won the Taste of Harvest Competition with their AA in PB coffees. With the help of the importing company Crop to Cup, Iyenga is now working to expand drying bed capacity, a bottleneck in quality production and necessary to increase drying times.

Coffee Profile

Flavor Notes: Green Apple / Dried Date / Allspice
Farm Name: Iyenga FCS
Region: Songwe
Variety: Bourbon & Jackson Bourbon
Process: Washed

Coffee Bio

This specific PB lot is partially home-milled and delivered in parchment, while the rest is delivered in cherry. Both are hand-sorted before pulping, fermented in water for 10-12 hours, washed, and then moved to drying beds for 7-10 days. The results are simply stunning, showcasing a bright and complex sweetness. The cup opens with aromatics of lime zest and peach blossom before giving way to crisp flavors of juicy green apple and dried pineapple. Full-bodied notes of black tea balance the cup and help support a rich and complex sweetness and spice akin to dried dates, brown sugar, and allspice. This is truly a labor of love worthy of Spyhouse Coffee’s “Reserve” designation. We hope you love it just as much as we do.