Maria Bonita / Honduras FTO

Maria Bonita / Honduras FTO

Cherry / Raspberry / Cocoa

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“Since my childhood, I have worked with coffee. Currently, I produce Natural and Washed coffee. My main objective is to produce and sell the best coffees and be able to sell internationally, so others may enjoy the exotic aroma and flavor of Honduras in a cup of coffee from anywhere in the world.”

– Pedro Jose Urquia Turcios, Producer

Coffee Profile

 Flavor Notes: Cherry / Raspberry / Cocoa
Farm Name: Pedro Jose Urquia Turcois
Region: La Paz, Marcala
Varieties: Icatu
Process: Natural

Coffee Bio

“I am excited to present this vibrant natural process coffee from my last origin trip to Honduras. This coffee was one that immediately stood out to me on the cupping table. The balance of chocolate and red fruit is wonderful. Even just the aroma of the grounds lets you know that you’re in for a treat. I have enjoyed many natural process coffees over my career, and this is by far one of my favorites. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Honduras and met some amazing people producing some incredible coffee. I left a little bit of myself in the hills of Honduras, and I’m honored to be able to offer a little bit of that experience in this cup of coffee.”

– CJ, Spyhouse Head Roaster / Green Coffee Buyer